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With insights to see the PRESENT

ambitions to inspire the FUTURE.

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Iris is a London-based Creative Designer, engage with innovative and visual storytelling projects.  And yet, she has successfully shipped her innovative solutions into Fashion, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, FMCG, and Real Estate.

The mission as  CREATIVEdesigner

She carries a strong sense of curiosity and a pure goal of changing the world into a better place by exploring and expressing human relationships, behaviours, cultures, technologies, nature, environment, and the whole universe.


Yet, Iris has no fear of diving into the unknown with the ambition and passion for challenging. Her faith lies in the power of designs and inventions to solve all problems. 

and    TROOPER,

is to discover potentials among brands of all sizes

and transform tiny sparks into significant values

Works on Branding, Packaging, Logo, Layout, Illustration, Digital, and Consumer Products. Develops on-brand visual solutions and innovations deeply involve from the creative stage to the production stage.

Creative  SERVICES,

Dive a little deeper into creative insights and design methods?

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Brand Positioning

Services and methods with 



The mission of being a brand helper is to provide intuitive solutions, strategic insights,
and innovative outputs to all valuable partners and clients. 



Keeping up-to-date design trends by discovering the most popular topics and upcoming campaigns worldwide.
Focusing on lifestyle, fashion, industry, and environment, and 
be updated with the newest design knowledge and skills that would support your brand adaption into the modern world, moreover, to stay ahead of the future.



Developing unique, valuable brand positioning strategies based on thorough, in-depth research.
The process starts with brand consulting, naming, analytics, and strategy to identify your business, then explore your brand's potential and possibilities through brainstorming, mood boards, sketches, and creating a new brand persona. 



A profound brand structure and brand strategy provide a solid platform for exploring different methods and forms of creative innovation, including building visual identity, refresh packagings, online-offline commercials, on-brand consumer products, and installation.

IRIS.C offers high-quality and innovative solutions that cover from practical to conceptual work and reality to virtuality.