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The Cloudy Dumplings

Revolutionizing the Look of Chinese Cuisine: Innovative Packaging Design for Everyday Delicacies.

CP Group 正大集團 
eat n work

Brand Designer: Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Photography
Strategist: Product Positioning, SWOT Analysis  ​

Marketing Team, Sales Team, F&B Department
Timeline 3

Food & Beverage



For centuries, Chinese cuisine has been an integral part of global food culture. There is a wide range of mouth-watering dishes in Chinese cuisine, and "dumplings" is one of the most well-known and popular dishes.

In addition to traditional hand-made dumplings, many food companies have instantly released frozen dumplings to follow the new eating habits and lifestyles of the younger generation.

However, the packaging for these dishes has remained relatively unchanged. We aim to change that with our innovative packaging designs.

For this reason, "The Cloudy Dumplings" targets young urban citizens who prefer healthy, instant dishes over homemade ones.


We have devised a plan to redefine our product advantages to combat massive market competitors and the design restriction of keeping the original packaging structure. Furthermore, we have redefined our marketing strategy. Our goal is to create trendy, eye-catching packaging for the most common foods in Chinese culture. By doing so, we hope to appeal to a broader audience while making it easier for people to identify and select their favorite dishes.



By retargeting and narrowing down our audience and offline selling points, our niche market would be people between 18-35 who live in the center of cities and enjoy modern and western pop cultures. And our significant sales points have been founded on the features of our products, "The crystal clear dumpling skin" and "Mouth-melting taste."

Developed from our products' rounded cloud-like shape and marshmallow-soft texture, we selected round Typography, smooth and curvy lines, and bright colors for the outcome. Also, easy-to-read graphical cooking instructions could raise consumers' confidence during cooking.



We believe that packaging is not just a container for food but also a reflection of the culture and traditions of a particular cuisine. Our design concept draws inspiration from vector art and modern culture, focusing on clean lines, bold colors, and intricate patterns.

Our innovative packaging design for Chinese cuisine is an opportunity to revolutionize how food is packaged and presented. With our focus on eco-friendliness and aesthetically pleasing designs, we're confident that our packaging will appeal to a wide range of people.

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